• Nina-Rose Hubbard

Expanding our horizons...

Over the next month we will be moving from our 300 sq ft kitchen in London to our new 1800+ sq ft production facility located in Oxfordshire (over six times bigger!!).

Designing our new space is Willet Projects who have a wealth of experience in their field. They are aiding us with our layout and processes, as well as helping us achieve BRC food safety accreditation, opening the door to major retailers across the country.

Our new kitchen will be fitted with state of the art equipment that will partly automate some of the fermentation process, as well as the cleaning and sterilisation processes, improving our efficiency and output.

This physical size difference (see photo to the right for our old kitchen) is representative of our growth, and it's crazy to think of how far we've come when comparing these two facilities. The future looks bright, if not a lot more spacious!

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